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Mexcio has been minting coins for more than 460 years. From the early coinage of Charles & Johanna to the modern coinage of the United Mexican States, coins of gold, silver, copper, brass and other metals have been minted in hundreds of types and at 14 different mints. The Pillar type 8 Reales (or Spanish milled dollar) minted from 1732 - 1772 is considered one of the most beautiful and certainly most famous coins in history and is the first coin pictured in the 'Redbook'.

Mexico's coinage can be seperated into specific periods which include:

Colonial - 1521 (coinage began in 1536) to 1821 when Mexico won it's independence from Spain.

War for Independence - 1810 to 1821

Empire of Itrubide (the first Empire) - 1822 to 1823

Republic of Mexico - 1823 to 1905

Empire of Maximilian (the second Empire) - 1864 to 1867

Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States) - 1905 to present

Revolutionary Period - 1910 to 1917

Coinage during these various periods has been minted in qualities that range from crude and almost unrecognizable to spectacularly beautiful. Some of the coinage is quite common and inexpensive and some is so rare that only a piece or two are known to exist. A type set of nice circulated coins from 1905 to date of the coinage of Estados Unidos Mexicanos can be put together at modest cost and still be an attractive and interesting collection. A complete type set of coinage from all periods can be a real challenge. Certain coins are truly rare and seldom offered for sale.

Due to our volume of business any list we produce on this page is obsolete almost as soon as we publish the site and it is not possible for us to update it daily. We have most of the coinage of the 'modern' (1900 to date) in stock, many pieces from the Revolutionary period, quite a lot from the Republic period and 'odds and ends' from the other periods. We also have some currency in stock (and are 'frantically' trying to buy more). We are continually buying and selling and would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. We promise honest grading and competitive prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed with a no hassel money back guarantee.

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